Welcome to A Touch of Glass Inc.

“Great job, no streaks, and timely! He did everything we agreed to, and at a fair price.
The house looks great! What a difference!”



Window Cleaning

Our customers are noticing their windows are staying cleaner longer. Do us a favor and spend the day pampering yourself while we take care of your windows!


Pressure Washing

Is your home missing that shine? Maybe oil has leaked on your driveway & you just can’t stand looking at it anymore. Call A Touch of Glass!


Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters at minimum twice a year will save you a lot of money. Call A Touch of Glass, you’ll have the cleanest gutters in Calgary!


Instant Quotes!

You can now get an estimate online, right now. Simply go to our “Get an Estimate” page and fill in your info and receive an estimate instantly!

A Touch Of Glass Inc. Perks:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Constant Sunshine Guarantee $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Commercially Insured $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Background Checks for Safety $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Professionally Affiliated $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Over 10 Years of Experience $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
  • Instant Quotes Online $NOT FREE NO CHARGE
Note: The above mentioned perks are subject to improve at any time.

Constant Sunshine Guarantee

For the first 2 days after we clean your windows if rain gets your windows dirty we’ll come out and clean your windows for free! But what if rain comes on the third day? Well, we’ll come out and clean your windows for a 90% discount.

Okay, that sounds good. What about the fourth day? How about 85%? Sounds good, fifth day? How does 80% discount sound? What if it rains in just 6 days? You drive a hard bargain, but okay. From the sixth day to the tenth day we’ll come out and clean your windows for a 50% discount.

Who We Are


We are a hard-working, people-pleasing, happy, friendly, professional window cleaning company. A Touch of Glass is owned by Kyle Wick. Kyle started cleaning windows over 16 years ago and continues to teach & perfect his technique so that him and his crew can provide quality service to all his customers.